Make Potential Actual.

About Us

We support the world’s boldest turn the impossible into inevitable. We invest in software startups with early market traction. We partner with mission-driven founders who see winning as the only option.

Our Mission

Make human and technological potential actual.

Our Philosophy

Our name and central philosophy derive from the concept of “Eudaimonia” (Greek: εὐδαιμονία) originating with Plato and Aristotle. “Eu” stands for “good” and “Daimōn” stands for “spirit” which is symbolized in our logo.

The “Good Spirit” fills us with positive energy, guides us as a North Star and is our “inner voice” for difficult decision-making. It stands for those essential elements of great leadership which are key to success in the startup world. It is the foundation for building category-leading businesses with lasting impact by defying all odds.

Eudaimonia also provides an answer to one of the most fundamental questions about what to strive for in our short lives. It claims that the only way to achieve lasting “happiness” and “meaning” is via “flourishing” through the “actualization of potential”. The concept emerged more than two millennia ago; we are giving it the renaissance it deserves as it could not be more relevant for the 21st century.

America is premised on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Despite many remaining challenges, capitalism and technological progress have created historically unprecedented wealth and well-being for many. While “life” and “liberty” made good progress over the past two centuries, the “pursuit of happiness” seems as elusive as ever.

We believe that “making potential actual” is the path to true meaning, happiness and wealth. If not made actual, potential is worthless. This is true for human potential. This is true for technological potential. This is eventually true for startups in which humans and technology join forces to turn the impossible into inevitable.