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Our vision from Day 1, since we started in 2018, was to build a transatlantic venture capital firm that bridges continents and makes a meaningful impact by helping the world’s boldest build category-leading businesses. Our mission is to make potential actual together with our founders and partners.

We have grown to a global and diverse team of eight calling countries such as the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, China, India, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria our “homes” and speaking more than 10 languages. Chances are we speak yours, and great things often start with a great conversation.

We know what “seemingly impossible” looks and feels like since we have been founders ourselves. Our complementary backgrounds are in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Corporate Management and Management Consulting for global top-tier firms.

While we believe that these backgrounds are helpful in supporting great founders, what matters more is our ambition to learn and become a little better every day. We earn trust, think big, stay grounded and fight hard. Just like the founders we partner with.

“Take away our people but leave our factories and soon grass will grow on the factory floors. Take away our factories and leave our people and soon we will have new and much better factories.”

Andrew Carnegie

Raoul Felix MaierIlan PragaspathyKevin SilvermanGisela Maier

Raoul Felix Maier

Founding Partner

Ilan Pragaspathy

Venture Partner

Kevin Silverman

Senior Analyst

Gisela Maier

Operations Manager

Raoul has 20+ years of experience in Venture Capital, Startup Entrepreneurship and Consulting. Before founding Eudemian Ventures, he co-led the Technology Practice and startup initiatives at global management consulting firm Kearney. Work experience beyond the US includes Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Raoul is also: Dad. Movie Buff. Motorbiker.

Ilan’s 20+ year career spans Venture Capital, Corporate Strategy, Management Consulting, and Engineering across the US, UK and EU. Ilan started at tech pioneer HP, went on to advise technology and Private Equity clients at Kearney, and was Investment Director at SAP’s Corporate VC Fund.

Ilan is also: Dad. Marathoner.
Poker Enthusiast.

Kevin’s professional experience began as an Analyst first in Partnerships and then in International Economic Development. He is a native Spaniard and Williams College graduate passionate about technology and ethics.

Kevin is also: Brewer. Runner. Hawaiian Shirt Connoisseur.

Gisela has 15+ years of experience in Operations Management, Startup Entrepreneurship and Consulting. Before joining Eudemian Ventures, she worked at a family-owned startup and at leading global corporations and consulting firms such as Siemens, Heineken and Kearney. International work experience beyond the US includes Europe and Middle East.

Gisela is also: Mum. Hiker.
Music Fan.

Ekkehard FranzkeClaire LiangRaghu Angadi

Mark Silverman

Strategic Advisor

Ekkehard Franzke

Strategic Advisor

Claire Liang

Venture Advisor

Raghu Angadi

Technology Advisor

Mark is comfortable in the role of Strategic Advisor. After a 40+ year global career in Banking/Payments and Management Consulting, he is now actively engaged with an eclectic and interesting range of ventures comprising Bio-technology, Media, Banking and Advanced Data Analytics.

Mark is also: Father.
Problem Solver. Cyclist.

Ekkehard’s 30+ year career spans Management Consulting, Private Equity and Venture Capital across Europe. Ekkehard was a Senior Partner at Bain & Company, L.E.K. and Kearney where he primarily served Private Equity clients. Additionally, he initiated “bainlab”, the digital startup accelerator for Bain & Company, formed his own buyout fund and co-founded a pharmaceutical startup achieving a successful exit in 2017.

Ekkehard is also: Family Man. Skier. Bavarian European.

Claire helped startups and Fortune 500 corporates with their digital strategies while at global management consulting firms Kearney and McKinsey. An entrepreneur herself, she founded a social enterprise and led a FinTech startup. International work experience covers North America and Asia.

Claire is also: Backpacker. Boxer. Life Hacker.

Building his career as one of the founding pioneers of the Big Data Age at Yahoo!, Google, and Twitter, Raghu created data processing systems and products that scale companies. His open source journey started as a founding member of the Hadoop team at Yahoo!; he has continued to make significant contributions to many well-known and respected technology brands since then.

Raghu is also: Dad. Snowboarder. Hiker.

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