Our Values

Earn Trust

We believe that trust is the basis for lasting life and business relationships. Being a trusted partner means being credible, reliable and open in communication. It also means putting oneself in the other’s shoes.

Actualizing potential is very hard. It requires embracing the life-long challenge of competing with others and with ourselves. We see winning as the only option and believe that fair competition brings out the best in ourselves and for others.

Fight Hard

Learn Daily

While our core philosophy was originated by Plato and Aristotle, their predecessor Socrates insightfully said: “I know that I know nothing”. We are all born ignorant, but can strive every day to stay open-minded always learning a little more while knowing that there are so many things we do not know.

Think Big

We believe that our achievements are only limited by our imagination. Imagination comes first, then comes action.

Stay Grounded

We believe that staying grounded is a necessary counterbalance to thinking big. We take life, business, our startup partners and investors very seriously – not ourselves.