Portfolio: Making Potential Actual.


Portfolio Enterprise Value


Companies with Markups*


Companies with Diverse Founders

*% of companies being in our portfolio for >18 months (typical funding cycle)


Making Advertising
Potential Actual

AdQuick is building the leading marketplace for “outdoor advertising” connecting brands with local media owners.


Making B2B SaaS
Potential Actual

Apty is on a mission to revolutionize enterprise efficiency by providing a cloud-based software solution with guided employee experiences and proactive analytics, empowering millions of B2B SaaS users for seamless digital adoption and operational excellence.  

Brave Care

Making Child Healthcare
Potential Actual

Brave Care is revolutionizing modern healthcare for kids so that our little ones get the best experience they deserve.


Making Last-Mile Delivery
Potential Actual

Cartwheel is transforming the delivery management landscape with its state-of-the-art hybrid software solution, empowering restaurants, retail, and courier companies to optimize their delivery operations, reduce costs, and maintain brand identity.

Deep Sentinel

Making Home Security
Potential Actual

Deep Sentinel is revolutionizing the home security industry to provide home and business owners with the protection level of live guards for the cost of traditional alarm systems, now preventing crimes before they happen.

Efficient Capital Labs

Making Borderless Capital
Potential Actual

Efficient Capital Labs is revolutionizing the way global SaaS businesses access capital by providing fast, seamless, and non-dilutive cross-border financing solutions.


Making Influencer Marketing
Potential Actual

Grin is the leading influencer marketing Software-as-a-Service for e-commerce brands.

Higher Ground

Making Child Education
Potential Actual

Higher Ground is transforming global education by mainstreaming and modernizing the Montessori movement, delivering end-to-end experiences that empower children to realize their full potential.  


Making Product
Potential Actual

Highlight is on a mission to build better products for people and the planet. Their innovative end-to-end agile product testing platform enables the world’s leading brands to distribute products and gather consumer perspectives – at a record pace.


Making Homeowner
Potential Actual

HomeLister is building the leading platform for homeowners to sell their home while keeping the commission.



Making Car Dealer
Potential Actual

Prodigy is digitizing the trillion-dollar car sales market so that people love buying cars as much as they love driving them.


Making Career
Potential Actual

Ramped is on a mission to revolutionize job search for both applicants and employers.


Making Digital Entertainment
Potential Actual

Realm is building the “Netflix of Reading and Listening” delivering best-selling content in an entirely new format.


Making B2B Payments
Potential Actual

Resolve is a spin-out of Affirm helping B2B suppliers offer hassle-free payment terms to their customers across sales channels.



Making Child Education
Potential Actual

Sawyer is on a mission to transform the way our kids develop beyond the classroom by connecting parents and educators to foster holistic learning and personal growth.


Making Work-Life
Potential Actual

Strongsuit is the personal chief-of-staff
you have always been dreaming of to manage life outside of work. That way,
you can be your best at work and at home.


Making Life Quality
Potential Actual

Sunnyside is on a mission to help anyone establish healthier drinking habits that can dramatically improve health, wellness, personal finances, relationships, careers, and overall life quality.



Making Childcare
Potential Actual

Tinycare is building the 21st century brand for childcare.


Making Dental Care
Potential Actual

Wally revolutionizes the dental industry by providing a unique insurance-free care experience powered by technology.


Making Remote Work
Potential Actual

Welcome is enabling the new world of remote and hybrid work environments by allowing companies to easily produce jaw-dropping, interactive virtual or hybrid events that drive employee engagement, corporate communications, and company culture in entirely new ways.