Portfolio: Making Potential Actual.

Making Advertising
Potential Actual

AdQuick is building the leading marketplace for “outdoor advertising” connecting brands with local media owners.


Grin is the leading influencer marketing Software-as-a-Service for e-commerce brands.

Underground Cellar is revolutionizing how brands sell online by providing upgrades instead of discounts.

Making Homeowner
Potential Actual

Tinycare is building the 21st century brand for childcare.

Making B2B Payments
Potential Actual

HomeLister is building the leading platform for homeowners to sell their home while keeping the commission.

Making Childcare
Potential Actual





Serial Box

Resolve is a spin-out of Affirm helping B2B suppliers offer hassle-free payment terms to their customers across sales channels.

Making Digital Entertainment
Potential Actual

Making Upgrade
Potential Actual

Underground Cellar

Serial Box is building the “Netflix of Reading and Listening” delivering best-selling content in an entirely new format.

Making Influencer Marketing
Potential Actual

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