Why You

We believe that the best and most successful partnerships result from a great fit. We see a strong chance for a great fit if your team, market and profile resemble the criteria outlined below and if you feel that our teams could align well.

We do not believe in transactional relationships and instead focus on long-term trusted partnerships of equals. If you sense that there may be a great fit, we would love to start a conversation.

Your Team

Your Market

Your Profile

We partner with founders with prior leadership experience, which can come in many different forms. We consider “founder market fit” and strong technical expertise on the team important ingredients for success. 

We do not care where you come from, which gender you are, what your ethnicity is or what your beliefs are, but we get excited when we see your belief that winning is the only option.

We partner to tackle large market opportunities that solve a vexing pain point. We are not looking for marginal improvement but for quantum leaps. The market does not have to be new and we are not afraid to join you in disrupting powerful incumbents.

We partner with US early-stage software startups with demonstrable product market fit, solid user or MRR traction and a breakout growth pattern.

We typically focus on: B2B SaaS, Fintech, Digital Health, Marketplaces, Consumer, AI.

We do not invest in Biotech, Hardware, Robotics, Crypto/Web3, Food & Beverage, Gaming.

Why Us

Partnering with an investor is a long-term mutual commitment. We look for a “trusted partnership of equals” based on “good chemistry” and aligned values.

If we are just “another check” to fill your round, we would not be the right partner for you. If you are looking for a long-term partner, committed to go the extra mile and with a transatlantic network of investors and growth enablers, there may be a great fit.

We believe that offering support should be needs-based, so do not expect us to force it on you. We are here to help if and when you need us. If you feel that some of our areas of value-add could help you make potential actual, we would love to start a conversation.

Your Capital

Your Growth

Your Talent

We believe in fist bumps over sharp elbows. We often co-invest with other top-tier US and EU venture firms. If you already have a lead investor in place, we can join a round. In case you don’t, we may help bring in a lead or other institutional co-investors from our network of VC partners. We typically commit up to $500K as an initial investment and reserve follow-on capital committing up to $1M per startup.

We have worked across functions, industries and global regions for Fortune 500 corporates and also as management consultants. We have done the even harder work and built startups ourselves. We may help fuel your growth by connecting you to leading business partners in the US and EU. We can also support you in strategy, organization and process development.

Choosing and attracting top-tier talent is essential to making your startup’s potential actual. With our backgrounds at leading management consulting firms, we have access to a global talent network of thousands of accomplished alums at many of the world’s leading organizations. We believe that this pool of talent can be an invaluable part of your growth journey in many different ways. We are here to help you get connected.

Your European Expansion

If we partner, it typically means that you have a vision for global category leadership. While this does not mean that you should plan to expand internationally too early, eventually the European market will be a “must-win”. We can help you be prepared when the time is right.

We have a transatlantic mindset and organization. We have built relationships in Europe over many decades. We know the cultures, speak the languages and have a strong presence on the ground. Whether it is accessing top-tier European growth-stage investors, corporate customer or channel partners or top-tier local talent, we can help you get connected.