Mark Silverman

Strategic Advisor

Professional Experience

40+ years in Management Consulting (Kearney, PwC/IBM); Banking (BBVA, Citibank, Banco del Progreso – sold to Scotiabank); Payments (Mastercard Advisors, Cardnet); Advertising/Marketing (Leo Burnett) across the Americas, Europe and Asia


English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalonian, some German and Italian


  • BA with distinction from University of Virginia (Anthropology and Linguistics)
  • MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School (Arizona)
  • AMP from IESE (Spain)
  • Guest lecturer in Spain, Dominican Republic and Portugal

Mark about Mark

Father. Problem Solver. Cyclist. Naturalist. Eudaimonian.

Team about Mark

Cosmopolitan. Polyglot. Visionary.


After nine years leading the rescue and turnaround of Banco del Progreso in the Dominican Republic culminating with its acquisition by Scotiabank (for a 2.7x book value multiple), Mark is focused on advisory relationships and Boards of Directors where he brings the breadth of his prior consulting and banking/payments experience.

In 2018, Mark founded Alberdi Advisory Corporation where he is engaged in advisory services for the biotechnology, technology and financial services industries. Presently, Mark is a member of several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards: Lantica Media in the Dominican Republic, Harbor Ithaka – an asset management firm located in Miami, and Zetta Labs – an advanced data analytics startup in NY. Additionally, Mark is an investor and a member of the Advisory Boards of Mitto – a startup card issuer originally from Spain, and Clout Capital – a VC firm specializing in later-stage LatAm technology companies. He is actively engaged in strategic advisory with the founder and management committee of the Biotechnology Institute of Spain with over 50 patents and sales in more than 30 countries.

He enjoys angel investing where he has participated in the NY Code and Design Academy, and TM Systems/The Kitchen (Technical Emmy award winner), among others. In 2019, Mark joined Eudemian Ventures as a Limited Partner and serves on its Strategic Advisory Committee.

Prior work experience includes leadership positions with MasterCard, IBM/PwC, Kearney, BBVA and Citibank. Mark has worked in over 30 countries – extensively across Europe and the Americas as well as occasional experiences in Asia.

“I am above all a "people person", and I’m proud to surround myself with friends from vastly different backgrounds and professions.”


I gravitated to the VC world naturally out of my desire to help powerful concepts mature into transformational, world improving organizations. I came to Raoul and Ilan by chance (or was it Eudemian design?) while visiting a son who works in San Francisco, and I was delighted by their unique combination of vision, integrity and methodology.

My background is somewhat eclectic: born in Switzerland, emigrating to the US for primary school, then some high school studies in Brazil, college degree in Anthropology and Linguistics, work in over 30 countries. I am above all a “people person”, and I’m proud to surround myself with friends from vastly different backgrounds and professions. I practice the “Friends for Life” concept and find it invaluable in business. I genuinely enjoy advisory work, and look forward to opportunities to team with great founders and their teams.